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$ 15.00


January 13-February 18, 2017

Flex your creative muscles and take your art in new directions using a FRESH perspective in this 13th annual juried show. Accepted work will feature novel styles, original thinking, and demonstrate a high level of skill in the artist’s chosen 2D or 3D media. Work must have been made since January 1, 2015. Cash prizes totaling $1,000 will be awarded.

Juror:  Charles Beneke, Professor of Art—Printmaking, Myers School of Art, Associate Dean of the Graduate School—Academics, The University of Akron.

Deadline for Entry: December 1, 2016

Jurying will be done via digital image. Using this entry form, submit up to two high quality digital images (.jpg, .pdf, .tiff. .png) of each artwork entered, up to a total of three pieces entered. The images must accurately represent the work and accepted work must be professionally presented for exhibition (see notes below).

Works that do not meet Summit Artspace standards will not be exhibited.

Notification of the juror’s decision will be made via email by December 19, 2016. Accepted work must be delivered to Summit Artspace Thursday, January 5, 2017, between 10am and 2pm or Saturday, January 7, 2017, between 9am and noon.

Artwork Pick Up Date: February 21, 2017 (times TBD)



All work must be identified (labelled) with the artist name and contact information when delivered.

Accepted work must be delivered ready to install. 2-D works must be appropriately wired, no saw tooth hangers. 

Artspace has a limited number of pedestals available, however the artist may have to provide any special display fixtures required. 

Suitability of works which must be suspended, hung in windows, requiring a power source, are especially heavy, are very large, or have other special installation requirements will be determined on an individual basis. 

Professional installation will be provided by Artspace. Care will be taken when handling and displaying all artwork, however Summit Artspace waives responsibility for either damage or loss of artwork. 

$ 10.00
Submit your artwork for the 2017 exhibition season at Summit Artspace Gallery. The gallery selects artists on the basis of quality and exhibition needs. Artwork submitted here must be representative of the work which would be exhibited. The selection committee will review the work on a rolling basis and we'll contact artists for notification once reviewed. 

Please send up to 10 images (.jpeg) of work (including detail images) with an artist statement and resume. 

For more information, contact: brenda@akronareaarts.org


Summit Artspace is seeking proposals for a mural in our entryway. We will have a new artist create a mural every four months, resulting in three murals per year. The size of the wall is roughly 10 ft x 15 ft. Please send up to 5 jpegs of relevant work with a project statement and resume.

For more information, contact: brenda@akronareaarts.org


Summit Artspace is looking for artists to submit work to our new window installation space. All 2D, 3D, new media, mixed media, and experimental projects are eligible. Each selected artist will be given two walls facing the Akron Art Museum on South Summit Street.


Submit up to 5 high-res jpeg images with a resume and project statement.


Window installation projects will be on display for the duration of two months. The artist is responsible for the installation of the work. If selected, the Gallery Manager will contact the artist to coordinate the best possible days and times for installation. 


Height: 7'9"

Length: varying dimensions range from 6'10" -- 7'7"

(Two walls for each artist, roughly 14 linear ft. of space to work) 

Depth: 1'6"

For more information, contact: brenda@akronareaarts.org